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Naïmah is a SESAC-affiliated singer and songwriter blending pop, r&b, folk, and soul.

While being recognized as an emerging artist by Billboard in 2013 following the release of her first single Wolf and I, Naïmah was collaborating with two-time Grammy-nominated American music producer, musician, and songwriter Travis Cherry in Atlanta, recording at Quad Studios in New York City. She is currently songwriting and recording in Los Angeles with two-time Grammy and seven-time American Music Award winners, Kool & the Gang, and working with developing artists and songwriters. Naïmah has had placements in independent films, including her song Lava co-written and performed by Danni Baylor, which was a winner in the International Songwriting Competition.

Naïmah is an advocate for Muslims and actively uses her platform as a musician to bridge gaps and encourage understanding. For her community engagement work, she was invited to attend President Obama’s Iftar dinner at the White House in 2015; in 2016 she performed at the Muslim American March on Washington and brought together Muslim and non-Muslim audiences during her performance at Chicago’s Taking it to the Streets festival - headlined by Yuna; and on March 23, 2018 she was the only performer featured at the National Cathedral during the “March For Our Lives” interfaith prayer vigil for thousands of activists, students, and pilgrims following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL.

She is a voting member of the Grammy Academy and a member of the Women in Music’s DC chapter, where she sits on the Events committee. Naïmah is currently nominated for the Board of Advisors for the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC.

Naïmah is a graduate from the University of Southern California and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

"I hope my music will provide an intersection of worlds for my listeners—they’ll be able to pull a piece that fits and relates to them, and I’ll open them up to something new."



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