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Feature Film Lab



Congratulations to the four talented MENASA (Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian) screenwriters selected to participate in our Feature Film Screenwriting Lab in partnership with Wayfarer Entertainment:

Tarek Albaba
Maleeha Mohsen
Asil Moussa
Aziz Tazi

These four participants will have their screenplays workshopped, perfect their pitch, and liaise with industry contacts to guide them in their writing careers in Los Angeles on October 8th. Thank you and best wishes to all who submitted!




Career pursuit

The labs are designed for writers pursuing a career in Hollywood.

original Script

Applicants must submit an original feature script that captures the writer’s unique tone, style, and point of view.


Key Takeaways


Script Review

Have your original feature script reviewed by Industry leaders and workshopped in an intensive lab with other MENASA (Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian) screenwriters.


Principles of Pitching

Learn directly from a Hollywood decision maker on how to prepare and present your pitch to make your project stand out. You will also learn tips for interacting with industry executives.


Understand the Process

You will leave with a detailed understanding of the film writing and development process, and develop a network of contacts to guide you in your writing career.


Lab Fees


There are two separate fees: an application fee and a lab fee.  
Applicants will be chosen based on the caliber of their projects. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the lab.




Fee: $35
Deadline: September 12, 2019


Fee: $149
Only if accepted into the lab.


About the

Lab Series


In an effort to discover and nurture talented writers with unique voices and diverse backgrounds, MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau is partnering with major entertainment studios/production companies to develop a series of day-long labs in Los Angeles designed to advance Muslim screenwriters in their careers.

As the entertainment industry works toward inclusion, this series is an opportune time for writers to get your material in front of decision-makers who are looking to increase diversity in writers rooms.

Each lab will focus on a specific genre and will be lead by top writers in that genre. Our labs are designed to be small and intimate to allow instructors to give you the most one-on-one attention. Participants will speak with Hollywood executives, have their script evaluated, learn how to pitch their project, and network with fellow participants.

Our first lab in partnership with Disney/ABC Television Group gave screenwriters an in-depth course in TV comedy writing, and our second lab with Wise Entertainment focused on TV drama writing. We're now accepting applications for a Screenwriting Lab in Feature Film with Wayfarer Entertainment.




2018 Screenwriting labs

TV Comedy and Drama

In Partnership with Disney/ABC Television Group and Wise Entertainment

Congratulations to the 15 talented screenwriters who were selected to participate in our TV Comedy and Drama Labs led by talented executives and showrunners at Disney/ABC Television Group and Wise Entertainment. In the words of one participant, "I learned more in this one day than in any other writers program."

Kashif Pasta, Mariam Abd-Allah, MK Ansari, Nabeel Arshad, Preacher Moss, Yasmeen Mughal, Yusuf Ziddy, Zaki Barzinji, Najla Zaidi, Zeshawn Ali, Faisal Ansari, Gillian Muller, Ali Abbas, Iman Saleh, Ali Imran Zaidi




Do I have to be Muslim to apply?

The Feature Film Screenwriting Lab with Wayfarer Entertainment has been designed for Muslims and non-Muslims alike from the MENASA (Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian) community. The labs provide a unique opportunity to give the MENASA community an opportunity to break into Hollywood.

If I apply for this lab, am I applying for your future labs also?

No. Each lab is its own experience and as such, requires that a participant’s submitted material is specific to the lab that they are participating in.


What are your fees?

The application fee for the Feature Film Screenwriting Lab is $35.

If accepted into the lab, the lab fee is $149.


What does the lab fee cover?

The lab fee covers a full day program from executives at Wayfarer Entertainment. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

You are responsible for your own travel and accommodations.

Why do you charge for applying? 

A majority of screenwriting competitions require an application fee to cover the administrative costs associated with evaluating each applicant’s submitted material, and the MPAC Screenwriting Labs are no different.